5 Best Energy Bars for Cycling, Boost Your Stamina | 2024

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Cycling is a physically demanding activity, requiring not only stamina but also the right nutrition. No matter if one cycles casually, competitively, or simply to get from point A to point B, what a cyclist eats plays a vital role in their performance and endurance.

Nutrition, particularly a balanced diet, can significantly improve a cyclist’s abilities. It boosts stamina and speeds up recovery after intense workouts.

Research indicates that proper nutrition can enhance performance by 20% or even more.

In today’s fast-paced world, where physical exertion and busy schedules are the norms, energy bars have emerged as an essential food item for many athletes, including cyclists. 

They are small, easy to carry around, and packed with nutrients—quick-release carbohydrates, proteins, and essential fats that give an instant energy boost. These characteristics make energy bars a perfect choice for cyclists during long rides.

The focus of this article is to assist cyclists, both experienced ones and those just starting out, in selecting the most suitable energy bars for their needs. 

The goal is to present a comprehensive guide that helps cyclists make informed decisions about their nutrition while on the move, thereby improving their cycling performance and overall health.

5 Best Energy Bars for Cycling: Our Top Pics 2024

Here is a concise list of the  best energy bars for cycling available at the moment:

1. High5 Energy Energy Bar – Peanut, 60 g (Best For Taste)

2. SKRATCH LABS Energy Bar (Best Overall)

3. Clif Bar – Nut Butter Bar (Best Organic, Plant-based)

4. Bonk Breaker Real Food Energy Bar (Best Gluten-Free)

5. TORQ Energy Bar Organic (Best for Cycling)

1. High5 Energy Energy Bar – Peanut, 60 g

High5 Energy Bar, particularly in the peanut flavor, is a go-to choice for many cyclists for a variety of reasons. Each bar weighs 60 grams, making it compact and easy to pack for long rides. In each box, you receive 25 of these convenient bars, ensuring you are well-stocked for your cycling adventures.

The taste is one area where this product truly stands out. While some energy bars can have an off-putting, cardboard-like taste, High5’s Peanut Energy Bar is a notable exception. 

The flavor is enjoyable and natural, adding a pleasant touch to your energy-refueling moments. It is an excellent blend of taste and nutrition, which is vital when you’re relying on it for prolonged energy on your rides.

High5 bars are not just packed with flavor but also offer a substantial energy boost. They can provide the necessary energy you need for your cycling, whether you’re training, racing, or simply enjoying a leisure ride.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Compact size for easy portability.The peanut flavor may not suit everyone’s palate.
A pack of 25 bars offers great value.For those with nut allergies, this may not be a suitable option.
Provides substantial energy for cycling.
Exceptionally good taste compared to many other energy bars.

2. SKRATCH LABS Energy Bar

Skratch Labs Energy Bars are a top-tier option for health-conscious cyclists. They are plant-based, making them an excellent choice for vegans and those who prefer a more natural energy source. 

These bars are designed with optimal nutrition in mind, with low sugar content and a decent amount of protein (5g per bar), providing a balanced energy release for your rides.

One of the unique aspects of these bars is the variety of flavors available, catering to different taste preferences. Each bar is made with a nutritious nut butter blend (cashew and almond butter), oats, and other wholesome ingredients such as dried cherries, pistachios, quinoa crisps, and sunflower seeds, providing a diverse nutrient profile.

The bars are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and kosher, aligning with various dietary requirements and preferences. They offer an energy boost that is not only effective but also ethical and inclusive.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Vegan, plant-based energy source.The texture might be a bit gritty for some due to the high fiber content.
Multiple flavors to cater to different taste preferences.Some flavors might not be as appealing as others, depending on individual taste preferences.
Allergen-friendly and suitable for various dietary needs (non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, kosher).
Contains a balanced nutrient profile with low sugar and 5g of protein.

3. Clif Bar – Nut Butter Bar

Clif Bar’s Nut Butter Bar is a well-established favorite among cyclists and other athletes. Each bar offers 7g of plant protein, equivalent to 8–10% of the daily value, making it a wholesome, satisfying snack for the mid-ride hunger pangs. 

The 12-bar value pack comes in a variety of flavors, giving cyclists the chance to diversify their nutrition and keep their taste buds entertained.

Notably, each Clif Nut Butter Bar is made from USDA organic ingredients, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to high-quality, ethically sourced nutrition. 

The mixture of organic ingredients and delectable nut butter provides a robust energy source for cyclists, whether they’re on a competitive race or a casual, scenic ride.

The balance between taste, nutrition, and quality in Clif Bar’s Nut Butter Bar enhances its appeal. It’s a versatile, accessible option for cyclists seeking a tasty, fulfilling, and sustainable energy source during their rides.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Offers a variety of flavors in a 12-bar value pack.The texture might be a bit dense for some, making it less palatable.
Each bar contains 7g of plant protein, providing a substantial energy boost.People with nut allergies should avoid this product due to the main ingredient being nut butter.
Made from USDA organic ingredients, emphasizing quality and sustainability.
Provides a satisfying snack that helps control hunger during long rides.

4. Bonk Breaker Real Food Energy Bar

The Bonk Breaker Real Food Energy Bar is a sought-after option in the world of cycling nutrition. One of its key features is the 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio, providing an optimal blend for endurance sports. This ratio helps maintain energy levels during a ride and supports muscle recovery and growth post-workout, with each bar delivering 8g of protein.

The box comes with 12 bars, offering good value for cyclists who are planning multiple rides. Furthermore, the bars are gluten-free, making them a suitable choice for those following gluten-free diets or with gluten intolerances.

Each Bonk Breaker Bar is made with real food ingredients, contributing to the natural taste and nutritional value. The combination of delicious taste, balanced macronutrients, and ingredient integrity make this energy bar a noteworthy pick for cyclists.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
The optimal 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio is suitable for endurance activities.Some may find the bar a bit heavy on the stomach during intense cycling.
Each bar contains 8g of protein, aiding muscle recovery and growth.The taste might be less appealing to those who prefer a sweeter bar.
Made with real food ingredients for natural taste and nutrition.
Made with real food ingredients for natural taste and nutrition.

5. TORQ Energy Bar Organic

TORQ Energy Bar Organic is another excellent option for cyclists aiming for optimal nutrition on the go. These bars stand out due to their unique formulation of 30g of optimal multiple-transportable carbohydrates, which aid in enhanced fuel delivery without causing gastric distress. This feature makes them an ideal energy source for cyclists embarking on long or challenging rides.

These bars are moist and chewy, making them simple to open and easy to eat even during intense cycling sessions. Plus, they don’t melt, an essential feature for outdoor, warm-weather activities.

TORQ energy bars are certified organic and vegan, aligning with various dietary preferences and ensuring the absence of artificial ingredients. They are also extremely low in fat, aiding easy digestion during physical activity.

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Contains 30g of multiple-transportable carbohydrates for enhanced energy delivery.The chewy texture may not appeal to everyone.
Easy-to-consume texture: moist and chewy without melting.While organic and vegan, it may not cater to all dietary restrictions, such as nut allergies.
Certified organic and vegan with no artificial ingredients.Some cyclists might prefer a bar with a higher protein content for muscle recovery.
Extremely low in fat for easy digestion.

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DIY Energy Bars for Cyclists

Here are a few tips and tricks I have personally used for making DIY Energy Bars. I have experimented with these methods and successfully made the bars multiple times.

Homemade Energy Bars

As a long-time cyclist, I can vouch for the game-changing benefits of energy bars. While store-bought options are convenient and packed with nutrients, there’s something special about making your own. 

Homemade energy bars give you the flexibility to tailor your nutrition to your specific needs, preferences, and even allergies. 

Plus, knowing exactly what’s in your energy source can give you a unique sense of satisfaction and control over your diet. 

And let’s not forget – homemade bars can be a lot friendlier on your wallet in the long run!

Make Your Bars

In my years of experimenting with homemade energy bars, I’ve gathered a few handy tips and tricks. 

  • Firstly: Remember to balance your macronutrients. Cyclists need a good blend of carbohydrates for instant energy and protein for muscle repair. 
  • Secondly: Choose your sweeteners wisely. Natural options like dates, honey, or maple syrup are much healthier than processed sugars. 
  • Finally: Don’t forget to add your favorite flavors. Be it cocoa powder, dried fruits, or various nuts, adding these will make your bars taste as good as they function.
How To Make Energy Bars?

Simple and Nutritious Energy Bar Recipes

Over the years, I’ve tested and perfected a few energy bar recipes that have become staples in my cycling regimen. 

One of my favorites is the “Nutty Oats Bar,” a combination of rolled oats, assorted nuts, honey, and a dash of vanilla extract. The oats provide sustained energy, while the nuts add a protein punch and plenty of flavor.

Another winner is the “Date Delight Bar.” For this, you’ll need pitted dates, raw almonds, chia seeds, and a little sea salt. The dates are the primary source of natural sweetness and quick-release energy, while the almonds and chia seeds contribute protein and healthy fats.

If you’re a chocolate lover like me, try the “Cocoa Power Bar.” This involves a blend of cocoa powder, almond butter, dried cherries, and whey protein. 

These bars offer a balance of antioxidants from the cocoa, protein from the almond butter and whey, and carbohydrates from the dried cherries. Plus, they taste like a treat!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover your perfect energy-boosting recipe.

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Final Thoughts

The importance of choosing the right energy bar for cycling cannot be overstated. It’s more than just a snack; it’s a critical component of your cycling nutrition, responsible for maintaining your energy levels and aiding recovery during and after your rides

We’ve explored a variety of options in this article, each with its unique strengths, from diverse flavors to impressive nutritional profiles.

While each energy bar we’ve discussed has its advantages, one stands out to me as an excellent all-rounder: the Clif Bar – Nut Butter Bar. Its balance of taste, nutrition, and quality, along with its organic certification, makes it a versatile and reliable choice for most cyclists.

Whether you’re a professional cyclist or a hobbyist, the right energy bar can significantly enhance your performance and enjoyment of the sport.

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