Best Cycling Apps: Indoor, MTB, iPhone & More | 2024

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Remember a time when travel meant unfolding a large paper map? Not only was it cumbersome, but it also made navigation a daunting task. Fast forward to now, and technology has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, offering an array of cutting-edge gadgets and apps that make our tasks simpler.

In this digital age, both amateur cyclists and seasoned professionals are reaping the rewards of myriad applications at their disposal. Be it for monitoring rides, exploring unknown paths, emulating real-world routes from the comfort of indoors, or engaging with a vast network of fellow cyclists, these apps have profoundly transformed the biking landscape.

Before you hit the trails, ensure you’re equipped with top-tier cycling apps. They can pinpoint your exact location, even informing you if you’re near a gas station.

Curious to know more? Dive into this article, which delves deep into the realm of premier cycling apps, guaranteeing that cyclists extract maximum joy and efficiency from their pedaling journeys.

Best Cycling Apps In 2024

Installing the best cycling apps on your phone will help to make your rides effortless and more pleasant. Another thing you should keep in mind is to ensure your phone is also linked. These applications are definitely beneficial. Here are some of the best cycling applications.

1. Strava

Strava is a great cycling app with an interactive map on most bikers’ favorites list. It is a highly addictive social network that allows bikers to discover an exact ride map through their smartphone. As a result, they can compete with others. 

Quite a hostile contest! Using Segment Explorer, you may discover new paths close to where you are. This demonstrates cycling intervals in a particular location. As a result, it’s perfect for locating any treacherous single tracks that could be hiding just over those trees. 

Price: Free (Premium is $7.99/month and $59.99/year.)

Download From: 

2. Komoot

Are you willing to investigate one of the best mountain biking apps for relative newcomers? That’s right—we’re talking about Komoot, the newest app. It performs the function of a route planner. Therefore, you may use the GPS feature to find your location before leaving. Then, after entering a destination, Komoot will generate a route.  

Price: Free (Premium is $4.90/month and $59.99/year)

Download From: 

3. Bike Repair 

Another excellent recommendation for bikers is the Bike Repair app. It offers some fantastic features for cyclists. Moreover, if you visit the official website of Bike Repair, you will find lots of tips and tricks shared, which are helpful for new and old app users. It undoubtedly offers you something more than other apps.

Price: Free (Premium is $3.99)

Download From: 

Best Indoor Cycling Apps

Some apps work very well to bring a better experience in indoor cycling. Here is a discussion about some of the best indoor cycling apps. Hopefully, you will know about a few top options. These are also the best indoor cycling apps in 2022.

1. Bkool

Bkool is a great app for indoor cycling using virtual maps on a 3D screen. It includes hundreds of specialized classes taught by expert instructors. The Bkool app has helped many users to experience various levels of riding with the best gym experience at home. Apart from this, the app offers more than what you will find on the website.

Price: Free (Premium is $9.99/month)

Download From:

2. Zwift

Zwift is a fun training program for bicycles. Your indoor training equipment is linked to the virtual world’s more than 100 kilometers of highways. Your phone picks up your route, greets other riders, and even provides extra facts.  

According to Forbes, over a million riders on PC, Mac, Apple TV, iOS, and Android are using it to enjoy indoor cycling, but it’s unclear how many are still active. This is one of the best free indoor cycling apps in 2022, but you can become a monthly subscriber to enjoy some extra features.

Price: Free (Premium is $14.99/month)

Download From: 

sufferfest vs zwift

3. Wahoo X/rgt cycling

Another virtual cycling app with similar features to Zwift is RGT which is essentially Road Grand Tours. Basically, users subscribe to Wahoo X and get access to both Wahoo and RGT simultaneously. The app is a free virtual cycling simulator, but you can get extra benefits by becoming a premium member.

Price: Free (Premium: $9.99/month)

Download From: 

4. Rouvy

Rouvy has become a favorite of many as an intelligent indoor cycle trainer app. It has the world’s most extensive catalog of outdoor routes you’ll love to ride. Besides, you can share rides with any rider worldwide, even joining the group. It’s not just a brilliant trainer but an affordable app that meets any rider’s budget when they want more. 

Price: Free (Premium: $12.00/month)

Download From: 

5. TrainingPeaks

When you don’t have a coach for indoor cycling, TrainingPeaks is the only one you can rely on. This great app allows coaches and athletes to easily track all fitness and fatigue. Besides, it will enable athletes to sync their data that coaches review and provide feedback. Therefore you must use this app to have a wonderful cycling experience.

Price: Free (Premium: $9.92/month)

Download From: 

6. TrainerRoad 

TrainerRoad is one of the best indoor cycling apps for beginners. You’ll start by informing TrainerRoad of your objectives and the deadline for achieving them, typically in the form of a target event. The plan builder in the app will then ask you a few questions about your preferred training frequency and the event you are preparing for. 

Price: (Premium: $19.95/month)

Download From: 

Best Mountain Bike Apps 2023

MTB (Mountain bikes) are a favorite rivet for rough riding lovers. You might want to have a better biking experience and look for the best free mountain bike app for your MTB project. Here I will discuss a few that you can use for free and paid.

1. MTB Project 

Most of the trails in the MTB Project trail database were uploaded by its users. Over 126,000 miles of trails are currently included in the MTB project. If you’re going on a bicycle vacation or want to better explore your neighborhood, you may download specific locations for free. This MTB app is best for those who usually don’t want to pay for the TrailForks app

Price: Free

Download From: 

2. Red Cross First Aid

Red Cross First Aid is ideal from the standpoint of first aid. Therefore, having this one on hand is valid even if you can’t ride a bike. Because it will instruct you on how to react in various circumstances, including bleeding to shattered bones. Now, the app features a built-in checklist that can be used to help you get ready for the majority of situations. 

Price: Free

Download From: 

3. Relive

Relive is the best mountain bike tracker in the world. This software overlays your travel on a 3D map using your GPS to create animation. It’s fantastic software for showing other people your bike activities and giving you an amazing perspective of your travels. 

Price: Free

Download From: 

4. Trail Forks

TrailForks can be a precious gem of your phone if you love mountain biking. This app helps a rider steer in the right direction and get lost. It is a better choice for those looking for the best strava mountain bike app alternative, as it offers much more usefulness than strava. You don’t need to waste time searching for routes when this app helps you plan and relieve your riding.

Price: Free (Trail Forks Premium $2.99/month or $35.99/year)

Download From: 

5. What3words

What3words is an eminent app to find, share and navigate your riding’s best location. Its main attraction is that it generates 3 words you can share with others to find the location. This digital geocoding system provides users with a satellite map they can easily understand and quickly communicate with any location.

Price: Free 

Download From: 

Free Cycling Apps In 2024

There are some great alternatives for those who don’t want to spend money on a calling app. Yes, at this stage, I will tell you about some top free cycling apps. You may decide on one according to your needs.

1. Google Maps (The best free cycling app for Android)

Google Maps should be considered first when looking for the best free cycling app for Android. Google constantly adds new features to the map to give bikers a better experience. Besides, this bike riding app will also tell you if any danger is hidden in your chosen route.

Price: Free 

Download From: 

2. Apple Maps (The best free cycling app for iPhone)

One of the best cycling apps for iPhone is Apple Maps. It helps bikers find the best route and provides accurate cycling directions. Besides, this free app helps to find bike-friendly roads. Bikers can learn in advance about safe streets. The app is truly unique in providing an excellent riding experience.

Price: Free 

Download From: 

Apple Maps_Best Cycling apps 
Apple Maps_Best Cycling apps 


If you’re looking for a free cycling tracker app to get you more distance, then DotWatcher is definitely worth a try. The app mainly provides an in-depth analysis of maps and long-distance races. So no matter how long you ride, it won’t stop. It is also easier to track your competitors.

Price: Free 

4. Runkeeper

Another free cycling app for iPhone is RunKeeper. Not just cycling, it has become trendy among users for running, walking, and being an amazing bike tracking app. It has recently been updated with a new design that is more fun and convenient. Many people call it a fitness app due to its versatile usability and ability to control exercise and fitness-related activities.

Price: Free 

Download From: 

Best Bike Tracker App

Bike tracker apps track a biker’s riding while riding and provide necessary advice and guidance. Several tracker apps are available for iOS and Android; let’s learn about some popular ones.

1. Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is a great alternative for those who prefer the strava bike app. It allows users to efficiently analyze vital aspects of performance and training sessions. Also, this app is excellent for different devices. Its Garmin Forerunner 645 and 945 can store about 200 hours of your activity. So, understand how important it is.

Price: Free (Garmin Connect premium $5.99/month)

Download From: 

2. Runmeter Running & Cycling GPS

One of the best cycling tracking apps for iPhone is Runmeter which provides all the essentials with arbitrary user data. The free bike tracking app keeps track of your riding time, location, height, distance, and other activities. The app’s main advantage is that it analyzes data in different ways. 

Price: Free

Download From:

3. Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding

Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding is the best free cycling app for Android. It also provides various training plans and various personal coaching tips. Users can get the necessary guidance for cyclists while riding. More than 60 million athletes have had a wonderful experience with their cycling or running using this app.

Price: Free (Premium $5.99/month or 29.99/year)

Download From:

4. Cyclemeter GPS

One of the best apps for cyclists is Cyclemeter. You don’t need to look any further when you find this option. Undoubtedly this is the best cycling app for android because most bikers use this app. It offers a lot of features for riding and fitness. You can add your own route map to its router tracker. 

Price: Free (Premium $4.99/one time)

Download From:

Cycling app for Android:

This section is for those looking for the best cycling app for Android because here I will talk about some of the better apps. Both cyclists and bikers have good experience with these apps. Then know about the following apps.

5. Windy

Windy is a free cycling app for Android and iPhone users who ride regularly. It is important for bikers to always have an accurate weather forecast that the app can provide. In addition to viewing the current estimates, you will get precise information about the upcoming day’s forecast and weather conditions. 

Price: Free

Download From:

6. Rain Alarm

If you have no plans to ride in the rain, this app can benefit you more. You can know about the rain forecast before and even while riding; if there is a chance of rain nearby, the Rain Alarm app will notify you instantly. People rely on it for many other things, including biking, because it is more reliable than traditional forecasts.

Price: Free

Download From:

7. Dark Sky Weather 

The climate has a significant impact on your ride. Where to go, what to dress, how to pack, and how to plan. To go mountain riding, having a decent weather app is really important. The Dark Sky Weather displays heat maps in addition to the weather and prediction based on your present location. 

Price: Free ($3.99/one time)

Download From:

Dark Sky Weather App Review

8. Golden Cheetah

Golden Cheetah is a powerful cycling tracking tool that is an amazing alternative to TrainingPeaks WKO. Riding provides actionable information by analyzing it appropriately. Apart from this, it also provides some other resources for free, including guiding the bikers in the right direction. 

Best Cycling App For iPhone

There are some cycling apps available for the iPhone that will really impress you. Some applications share important fitness tips and planning along with various instructions for outdoor cycling. Let’s know about some such apps.

1. iSmoothRun Pro

You must have already had a wonderful experience with Strava Strava cycling. If a slightly better option is needed, then iSmoothRun is undoubtedly the best cycling app for Apple watch for any cyclist. Previously it was designed to keep two riders on a virtual route simultaneously. 

Price: $4.99/monthly

Download From:

2. Peloton Digital

The Peloton Digital app is designed to meet most needs of a biker. Users can choose this app for outdoor running or indoor cycling without restrictions. It also has more than 10,000 fitness classes which are why people like it more. 

Price: Free (Premium $12.99/monthly)

Download From:

3. CycleCast 

Looking for the best cycling app to improve your riding fitness? Then there is no need to think about anything else, unlike CycleCast. It contains over 500 spin workouts. It also provides some instructions from experienced trainers, which help the user to achieve his goals. 

Price: Free (Premium $9.99/month or $89.99/year)

Download From:

Best Apps for Triathlon

Apps for indoor or outdoor triathlon training have amazing features that give you the right advice and guidance for safe exercise. Learn more about triathlon today with Strava, TrainingPeaks, and Runkeeper.

1. MySwimPro

You need to reach your goals even in the water, and the MySwimPro app will help you. This will give you enough advice to swim faster and more robustly. You can also personalize daily workouts and get different directions while in the water. Moreover, priority support, tracking, and analysis are available.

Price: Free (Premium $19.99/month or $179.99/year)

Download From:


2. GoSwim 

You don’t need much to become an experienced swimmer when familiar with the GoSwim app. The app is beneficial for beginner-level swimmers. It includes various video courses and techniques to help one become skilled quickly. The app’s free plan allows users to enjoy plenty of premium features.

Price: Free (Premium $9.99/month or $79.99/year)

Download From:

3. Elite HRV

HRV is most helpful for outdoor expeditions. Suppose you want to go on a short or long tour in the snow and enjoy a good consultant by your side who will provide you with accurate information and advice on balancing the nervous system along with reducing your stress.

Price: Free (Premium $8.00/month)

Download From:

Elite HRV – Review and Walkthrough

How To Choose The Best Cycling App?

There are several critical criteria that users must keep in mind while choosing the best cycling app. Now I will tell you about the most important factors I considered while selecting the best app.

1. Feature

The features of any cycling app should be considered first. Especially if you don’t want to spend any money, you can choose some free apps with eminent features that have received positive reviews from many users on Google and Apple. 

2. Time

Apps that provide instant information to the user within a short time must be kept in the list of favorites. When riding away, one needs to get real-time information to avoid all kinds of complications. So you should always decide on a time to maintain the app.

3. Speed / Average Speed

Some great apps indicate how fast bikers are riding and how fast they should be for competition. They also advise bikers on how to paddle faster and beat others. This must be kept in mind while choosing the app.

Final Thoughts

In a rapidly advancing technological age, the intertwining of the cycling world with digital innovation has ushered in a plethora of apps tailored to cater to the diverse needs of riders. Whether you’re an indoor cycling enthusiast seeking metrics-driven workouts, a mountain biker looking for the next exhilarating trail, or an iPhone user wanting a seamless and intuitive experience, 2023 has provided something for everyone.

While the sheer number of options can feel overwhelming, the key is understanding your personal cycling goals and preferences. For those motivated by community and competition, apps with live leaderboards and challenges might be ideal. If exploration is your main objective, then trail mapping and discovery features should be top priority.

As with any tool, the best cycling apps are those that enhance your riding experience without being obtrusive. After all, the ultimate aim is to enjoy the ride, feel the wind against your face, and achieve your goals, whether they are fitness-oriented, recreational, or competitive.

In this evolving digital landscape, we can confidently anticipate more groundbreaking apps to emerge, further transforming and optimizing the way we ride. Until then, the top cycling apps of 2023 serve as invaluable companions for any cyclist, novice, or professional, ensuring each journey is as smooth, informed, and enjoyable as possible. Safe pedaling!

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  1. Interesting to see the apps ratings by people and which apps are actually being rated the most. Even though Rouvy does not have that many ratings and that much popularity as Zwift I think it is a good platform, and probably the best option for those who are interested in riding real-life routes instead of virtual world that Zwift offers.

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