Comparing Zwift vs Peloton: Which One is Right for You? | 2024

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Zwift and Peloton are two popular indoor cycling training apps on the favorites list of many users. However, users do not prefer the two options for the same reasons, but for different good purposes they are acceptable to cyclists. That’s why in this article, I am going to do an in-depth discussion of Zwift vs Peloton, which will give everyone a clear idea about them.

Zwift beats various indoor cycling apps with its excellent and outstanding features. More than half a million people have signed up for this app. On the other hand, the peloton has managed to attract more than 5.9 million members, and around 2.33 million users belong to its fitness membership.

Zwift is undoubtedly the best option for those looking for an efficient trainer for competitive professional cycling. As for Peloton, it has some live fitness classes led by celebrity trainers that are truly unparalleled. But you must read the entire article to be sure which one you choose or which one offers the features you need.

What are the benefits of at-home cycling?

Many people think that only outdoor cycling is the most enjoyable and beneficial. But those who have always supported outdoor cycling also acknowledge the difficulties they often face. In my opinion, if not for professional cycling, but at least for training, at-home cycling should be preferred considering its benefits.

No planning required

In indoor cycling, you don’t need any special plan. Even bikers can enjoy challenging cycling and fun workouts in the comfort of their homes. You can also start cycling at your own convenience and time with either Zwift or Peloton trainer. The Zwift alternative allows bikers to coach with many competitors, and the peloton app provides the coach of your choice.

Rainy weather training

Cycling in wet weather can be an exhilarating experience but requires considerable preparation. It is challenging to enjoy riding in this winter rain. With At home cycling, you can beat any bad weather and continue your cycling. Since users stay indoors, they don’t have to prepare for rain or even risk riding in bad weather when you have some perfect options for indoor cycling.

Training is not interrupted due to injury

No injury will hinder your riding training. In the case of outdoor activity or riding, one must stop riding for some time when he is injured. But when it comes to indoor cycling, he should never be interrupted by injury. Most professional cyclists use Zwift to win most races despite their injuries. The user can increase his mental strength to reach the desired goal despite any damage.

Increases focus

Bicycling in Bari does not require focusing on surrounding conditions and the environment. Also, users don’t have to worry about traffic; they can just enjoy riding with some professional competitors. Moreover, there is an opportunity to focus on your riding in indoor cycling. You can enjoy riding non-stop without paying too much attention to other things.

Ensures ultimate safety

Indoor cycling is much safer than outdoor cycling. When bikers are on-road biking in outdoor riding, they have to deal with other vehicles, and sometimes accidents happen due to carelessness. Besides, riding at night is very risky. With indoor training apps, the user can enjoy his riding with maximum safety anytime, whether day or night.

Zwift vs Peloton:

There are quite a few differences between Zwift and Peloton in features, subscription cost, and other factors that should be known through a clear discussion. Information about each app will be presented separately below. Hopefully, the instant look will clear the user’s mind about Peloton vs zwift 2022.


  • Navigating maps: London, New York City, Richmond, Harrogate, Innsbruck, Paris, and Watopia world. 
  • Connectivity: ANT+ or Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor.
  • App modes: Multiplayer mode
  • Platform availability: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Apple TV
  • Races: Makuri Islands, France, Paris, Watopia, Richmond, London, Innsbruck, New York, Yorkshire
  • Events: Bologna and Crit City
  • Particularity: Daily race, training plans, structured workouts, animated avatars, variety of courses
  • Suitable for: Huge number of users and community
  • Price: 14.99 USD / month
  • Trustpilot review: 45 reviews (Users are satisfied with the app, but Zwift,s customer support needs improvement as many customers complained about that)
zwift vs peloton
Photo: Zwift training


  • Navigating maps: More than 300 cities around the world. 
  • Platform availability: IOS, phone, tablet, and TV.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth with Polar heart rate sensor straps.
  • Events: Bologna and Crit City.
  • Particularity: Live classes, functional and safe workouts, training plans, variety of courses.
  • Suitable for: Users who like spinning classes to be more skilled with celebrity trainers.
  • Price: 12.99 USD / month.
  • Trustpilot review: 6,160 (Users are highly satisfied with the app).
Peloton Bike
Peloton Bike

Zwift vs Peloton at a glance:

Zwift is unbeatable as a virtual cycling training platform, and Peloton is a good alternative for a great workout. But to get a complete and detailed idea about Zwift and Peloton, it is crucial to know their differences. People can clear their thoughts from the table below.

Main FactorsZwift Peloton
PricingZwift cost is $14.99 per month. But apart from being a subscriber, you can use it through a free trial of 7 days.Peloton costs users $12.99 per month. However, an all-access membership costs $39 a month. It offers a free 90-day trial before purchasing a membership.
PurposeThe Zwift app is the best for those who want the best indoor cycling experience. It allows one to connect with different communities.Peloton is the best option for those who want to cover most of their fitness exercises at home.
Video featuresWhile the Zwift app does have a live stream, it does not offer any instructor-led videos to users.Peloton offers live video streaming of pre-recorded expert coaches that are helpful.
Workouts Zwift offers over 1,000 structured online workouts. But in total, 12,000 archived video workouts. It is designed in such a way that users get real-life training experiences.Peloton offers over 10,000 on-demand workouts where users have plenty of options to choose from.
User experienceUsers can enjoy their riding in a gaming environment.The peloton app is better than Zwift for an authentic outdoor riding experience.
InteractionZwift allows users to communicate easily with other riders. You can also contact any rider instantly. Additionally, it makes cycling more enjoyable.It doesn’t offer the feature of communicating directly with your fellow riders, but you can hear the voices of others and see the faces of your instructors.
MoodYou can get the mood and atmosphere of outdoor cycling at home through Zwift because it gives the user a complete outdoor cycling experience.Peloton doesn’t offer the whole outdoor cycling experience but offers some powerful spin classes that are even more inspiring.
Main featuresThe app is designed only for running and outdoor cycling at home.It is designed to make users experienced with yoga, cardio, and indoor cycling.
CompetitionCompeting in this app is quite challenging as it allows joining world championships.Peloton does not care about the user’s body weight or gender. Users can prepare themselves for any big race.
VarietyZwift has plenty of route options to choose from. You can easily find the preferred route for traveling to many places worldwide.Peloton offers numerous classes for various exercises that will enrich users’ fitness and prepare them for the best race.
Zwift vs Peloton Comparison

Zwift and Peloton alternatives:

There are some excellent alternatives to Zwift and Peloton that also offer significantly better performance. Now you will know about those apps. If users look for something unlike Zwift and Peloton, they can pick one of these up.

RGT Cycling

Unlike Zwift, RGT is a great indoor cycling app and one of the best Zwift alternatives 2022. It offers almost the same convenient features as Zwift. One can ride his favorite route around the world at home. Besides, you can interact with different communities before the start of racing. 

Not just racing; it has various training programs that will help the user to become proficient before starting any significant competition. Users can get these great features for just $14.99 monthly and $10.75 annually.


Another great Zwift alternative running in the market is Rouvy which many users have praised. The app contains about 2,000 high-quality video routes. Rouvy is one of the indoor cycling apps for professional riding, with numerous workouts and group riding. 

You can try the 14-day free trial before Rouvy paid subscription. A monthly subscription costs only $14.00, and an annual subscription costs $12.00.


NEOU is an excellent Peloton alternative with different cycling workouts. It also offers over 2,000 classes for fitness and exercise, including indoor cycling. There are also more than 20 pieces of on-demand content. 

Apple and Android users can get the best indoor cycling experience with the app with many features. For just $12.99 a month, one can get the benefits he wants.

Training Club App

What this app is famous for is that it does not offer any free trial to the users because it is free for everyone compared to Zwift vs Peloton cost. Users never have to pay any money to use the Training Club app

It offers a smaller library of workouts than Peloton, but you can get a superior experience with it. You get over 185 on-demand activities to choose from without paying anything. Also, anyone can use the app as it has a simple interface.

Which do you choose?

You probably know enough about the popularity of Zwift and Peloton from the discussion above. It is certain that both are popular but in different ways. If users want to experience outdoor riding by cycling at home with thousands of riders simultaneously, then they must choose Zwift

It is a brilliant trainer that allows people to enjoy the desired riding even in different weather conditions. With the help of virtual riding games, one can participate in big riding competitions anytime and in any situation.

Peloton is a good option for those seeking more strength and experience with spinning classes and training. This ensures you are proficient with quality training at home.

The riding purpose will depend on which app people choose. There is no doubt that Zwift and Peloton are both great apps for at-home cycling, but for professional cycling, Zwift is the best, and I would recommend Zwift as a solid indoor cycling app.

Also, above, I have discussed some Zwift and Peloton alternatives, which also have completely free options. Hopefully, the above discussion will be enough to make your choice.

Zwift vs. Peloton App – Which is Better?

Ending Thought

Hopefully, you have a clear idea of ​​Zwift vs Peloton. Cyclists who cannot adapt to all conditions of outdoor cycling or training should explore alternatives that will satisfy their desire to ride and train indoors. Zwift and Peloton are two cycling apps that cater to users’ desire for at-home riding with convenient features.

If you want comprehensive coverage for indoor training, look no further than Peloton. Zwift, on the other hand, has long beaten other apps for professional cycling and running. Even so, the number of Zwift users continues to grow yearly. However, one must decide on the right app according to his goals.


What is the main difference between Zwift and Peloton?

Zwift makes indoor cyclists enjoy any situation with a professional riding experience. Peloton, on the other hand, offers users lots of classes that help them build fitness and fitness.

Which one is a free alternative to the Peloton app?

Training Club App is a free alternative that is quite effective in contrast to Peloton. You can use it for free throughout the year. Although it has fewer classes than Peloton, it's still pretty standard.

Which app can be your best at-home cycling trainer?

Definitely Peloton. It offers a lot of training options. Certainly, Peloton is better at practicing and enjoying cycling in a safe and comfortable environment at home.
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