Best Mountain Biking Apps That Make Your Rides Easier | 2024

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In the past, travelers had to rely on bulky physical maps, which were inconvenient to carry. Thankfully, modern technology, including various gadgets and applications, has simplified our daily lives. Today, countless smartphone apps have made tasks more straightforward and convenient.

For mountain biking enthusiasts, there are specialized apps designed to improve your experience. These top-tier mountain biking apps allow you to pinpoint your exact location and identify nearby amenities like gas stations. They also help in route planning, ensuring you’re well-prepared for an enjoyable ride.

If you’re keen to explore these apps further, I suggest diving into the best mountain biking apps out there. With these advanced tools, you can elevate your biking adventures and fully embrace the splendors of the great outdoors.

Best Mountain Biking Apps: My Top Pics in 2023

Installing the best mountain bike apps on your phone can make your rides smoother and more enjoyable. Ensure your phone is also properly connected. These apps are truly beneficial. Here are some of the top mountain biking applications in 2023

1. Strava

The best mountain biking app currently available is Strava, arguably. It is well-liked for the way it records and publishes your rides, but it can also offer insightful training advice and foster some friendly competition when you are both competing to be crowned king and queen of the mountain. Quite a hostile contest! Using Segment Explore, you may discover new paths close to where you are. This demonstrates cycling intervals in a particular location.

As a result, it’s perfect for locating any treacherous single tracks that could be hiding just over those trees. The premium package for Strava was formerly a paid-free service. But this is now being reorganized as Strava Summit, which provides three distinct tiers of functionality.

Price: Free (Premium is $7.99/month and $59.99/year.)

Download From: 

2. Komoot

Are you willing to investigate one of the best mountain biking apps for relative newcomers? That’s right—we’re talking about Komoot, the newest app. It performs the function of a route planner. Therefore, you may utilize the GPS feature to find your location before you leave. Then, after entering a destination, Komoot will generate a route. There are several ways to customize your ride’s mapping, including changing your degree of fitness, chosen terrain, and style of riding.

Komoot now offers turn-by-turn navigation so that you never miss a beat or a berm. However, Komoot stores your route as a planned journey once you’ve finished it, and it then logs your action as finished tours that may be shared with other app users. To help other users view the areas of interest and receive ideas for their own journeys, you may contribute images and notes to your route.

Price: Free (Premium is $4.90/month and $59.99/year)

Download From: 

Komoot Trail View
Komoot Trail View

3. MTB Project 

The majority of the trails in the MTB Project trail database were uploaded by its users. Over 126,000 miles of trails are currently included in the MTB project. If you’re going on a bicycle vacation or want to better explore your neighborhood, you may download specific locations for free. Even if GPS tracks your movements, the software also functions when you are not connected to the internet.

Price: Free

Download From: 

4. Red Cross First Aid

Red Cross First Aid is ideal from the standpoint of first aid. Therefore, having this one on hand is useful even if you can’t ride a bike. Because it will instruct you on how to react in a variety of circumstances including everything from bleeding to shattered bones. There are movies and animations to take you through the first-aid crisis in addition to written instructions. Now, the app features a built-in checklist that can be used to help you get ready for the majority of situations. This still lacks characteristics that are peculiar to a certain place, which is one of its drawbacks. Encourage your friends to utilize this before they take a ride.

Price: Free

Download From: 

5. Bike Repair 

It might be intimidating to maintain, service, or repair your bike now. Strangely, just one app is required even though you may utilize several YouTube videos. We recommend the app Bike Repair. It is protecting you. It offers detailed instructions for fixing a wide range of technical issues with your bike. It is unambiguous, simple, and even includes a layering recommendation for different temps. This will be ideal for your vacation to Iceland!

Price: Free (Premium is $3.99)

Download From: 

6. Dark Sky Weather 

The climate has a big impact on your ride. Where to go, what to dress, how to pack, and how to plan. In order to ride mountain riding, having a decent weather app is really important. The Dark Sky Weather displays you heat maps in addition to the weather and prediction based on your present location. The option to create alerts that the app may use to inform you may be its nicest feature. such as if it’s going to start raining or if the temperature will drop drastically overnight. Backpacking is a nice use for this. In order to easily become aware when it rains.

Price: Free ($3.99/one time)

Download From:

7. Relive

One of the top mountain biking applications in the world is called Relive. This software overlays your travel on a 3D map using your GPS to create animation. It’s a fairly fantastic software for showing other people your bike activities and giving you a wonderful perspective of your travels.

Price: Free

Download From: 

best mountain biking apps_Relive

8. Zwift

Zwift is a fun training program for bicycles. Your indoor training equipment is linked to the virtual world’s more than 100 kilometers of highways. Unfortunately, there is no off-road right now. The program may be used with a companion app, on your PC, or through iOS. Your phone is used to pick your route, greet other riders, and even provide you with extra facts. You may practice and communicate with thousands of other riders from all around the world in this virtual environment. With the help of turbo training, it becomes much more interesting and, dare I say, enjoyable.

There are several benefits to having your phone with you while mountain biking beyond safety. Your mountain riding may be improved by tracking your best rides with applications like Strava, MTB Project, Komoot, and others. So give these apps a try before heading out on a mountain bike trip. You will be surprised by the outcome, we promise. You will also be pleased with the caliber of the servicing. Don’t wait to repent using so much lately. Plan your next journey with the intention of using the best mountain biking apps.

Price: Free (Premium is $14.99/month)

Download From: 

Best Free Navigation App For Mountain Biking

Now let’s see a few Best Free Navigation App For Mountain Biking

1. Google Maps

Google Maps should be considered first when looking for the best free mtb app for Android. Google constantly adds new features to the map to give bikers a better experience. Besides, this mountain bike trails app will also tell you if any danger is hidden in your chosen route.

Price: Free 

Download From: 

2. Apple Maps 

One of the best mtb apps for iPhone is Apple Maps. It helps bikers find the best route and provides accurate cycling directions. Besides, this free app helps to find bike-friendly roads. Bikers can learn in advance about safe streets. The app is truly unique in providing an excellent riding experience.

Price: Free 

Download From: 


If you’re looking for a free cycling MTB app to get you more distance, then DotWatcher is definitely worth a try. The app mainly provides an in-depth analysis of maps and long-distance races. So no matter how long you ride, it won’t stop. It is also easier to track your competitors.

Price: Free 

4. Runkeeper

Another free mtb app for iPhone is RunKeeper. Not just cycling, it has become trendy among users for running, walking, and being an amazing bike tracking app. It has recently been updated with a new design that is more fun and convenient. Many people call it a fitness app due to its versatile usability and ability to control exercise and fitness-related activities.

Price: Free 

Download From: 

MTB app for iPhone

There are some cycling apps available for the iPhone that will really impress you. Some applications share important fitness tips and planning along with various instructions for outdoor cycling. Let’s know about some such apps.

1. iSmoothRun Pro

You must have already had a wonderful experience with Strava Strava cycling. If a slightly better option is needed, then iSmoothRun is undoubtedly the best MTB app for Apple Watch for any cyclist. Previously it was designed to keep two riders on a virtual route simultaneously. 

Price: $4.99/monthly

Download From:

2. Peloton Digital

The Peloton Digital app is designed to meet most needs of a biker. Users can choose this app for outdoor running or indoor cycling without restrictions. It also has more than 10,000 fitness classes which are why people like it more. 

Price: Free (Premium $12.99/monthly)

Download From:

3. CycleCast 

Looking for the best mountain bike trail app to improve your riding fitness? Then there is no need to think about anything else, unlike CycleCast. It contains over 500 spin workouts. It also provides some instructions from experienced trainers, which help the user to achieve his goals. 

Price: Free (Premium $9.99/month or $89.99/year)

Download From:

Top 10 iPhone Apps For Mountain Bikers

How to choose the best app?

There are several critical criteria that users must keep in mind while choosing the best cycling app. Now I will tell you about the most important factors I considered while selecting the best app.


The features of any cycling app should be considered first. Especially if you don’t want to spend any money, you can choose some free apps with eminent features that have received positive reviews from many users on Google and Apple. 


Apps that provide instant information to the user within a short time must be kept on the list of favorites. When riding away, one needs to get real-time information to avoid all kinds of complications. So you should always decide on a time to maintain the app.

Speed / Average Speed

Some great apps indicate how fast bikers are riding and how fast they should be for competition. They also advise bikers on how to paddle faster and beat others. This must be kept in mind while choosing the app.

Bottom Line

Mountain biking is both thrilling and challenging. The right app can enhance the experience, helping you navigate new trails and track your performance. In this article, I’ve outlined some of the top mountain biking apps available, helping you find the perfect one for your needs.

If you found this article useful, I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments. Should you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always here to assist!

FAQ On Best Mountain Bike Apps

What is the best free mountain bike trail app?

The best mountain biking apps at the moment are thought to be Strava, Trailforks, Singletracks, MTB Project, GoPro, and Weather.

What is an MTB app?

MTB Project is a comprehensive application that includes offline maps, GPS route data, elevation profiles, interactive features, and more for locating the mountain bike routes you want to ride.

Is Strava good for mountain biking?

Perhaps Strava's biggest contribution to mountain biking and endurance sports, in general, is making fitness pleasurable. Even if it's only trying to beat their own record, adding a competitive element to your exercises makes everyone stronger.
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