Bkool vs Zwift: Which One Will Help You Achieve Your Cycling Goals? | 2024

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Bkool and Zwift are known to users as popular indoor cycling apps. They have been appreciated by users in different ways. You will surely love Zwift for routes, events, races, challenges, and customization options. But Bkool has weather modification, custom routes, and headwind features that Zwift doesn’t offer. So, a clear discussion of Bkool vs Zwift is needed to decide which one you should choose.

Some of the advantages of the Zwift app undoubtedly beat the other options. But Bkool offers a few things you won’t find on Zwift. However, I would advise you to clearly distinguish these two popular indoor training assistants. This article will discuss both applications in detail.

Hopefully, the further discussion in the article will help you make the right choice. Besides, you will be able to distinguish between the characteristics. I will also discuss some alternatives to Zwift and Bkool. Then continue reading the article without skipping any part.

Tips For Indoor Cycling Training:

Many have chosen indoor cycling apps to train at home for convenience or out of necessity. Even after training at home, you definitely don’t want to miss out on your learning. Some training tips can help improve your indoor cycling speed and endurance. These tips apply to any app user.

1. Test your fitness

It is essential to check your fitness. Whether you choose Bkool or Zwift, you must compete with others to be a good rider. You must be sure of your fitness to survive riding for a long time. In this case, you can try a ramp test. This is one of the ways to improve your progress.

2. Keep consistency

Maintaining consistency in riding or training is essential as it will allow you to cycle regularly. Attending very long sessions can be tiring as it takes days to complete. So instead of 2 sessions a week, try for at least 4 to 5 good sessions to maintain consistency. With this consistency and consistency, you will be able to master it in less time.

3. Always use erg mode

The use of erg mode for indoor training will provide accurate cycling. Excessive limb movement distracts the rider, which prevents this mode from occurring. It only allows the user to lower the head and rotate the legs where there is no chance of losing focus. The Zwift app has an erg mode. Besides, you will also find the same feature in the Bkool app.

4. Prefer group rides

Group riding is a better idea than riding individually. Group cycling instills a competitive mindset in users, allowing them to gain more skills. For example, Zwift offers up to 100 marathons where you can join anyone. Besides, there is various group riding facilities in other sections.

5. Progress your intervals

Are you progressing the interval as time passes? If one started slowly, he should pick up the pace over time. Overload your body to adapt to all conditions on any bike. Users can check if their FTP has improved after completing a few sessions. If there is not enough improvement, one can change the region.

6. Stimulation work

Rolling sprint exercises can improve your tension even more. While people may be on the receiving end of someone else’s attack during fast travel, the excitement will help the rider react to the immediate attack. They will also be more effective if you attack. It is reasonable to warm it up within 20 minutes of starting the paddle at an average speed.

7. Use a heart rate monitor

Your monitor should be such that it provides sufficient guidance on fitness and improving riding. Some good quality indoor cycling apps give simple one-screen instructions to improve riding and fitness.

Bkool vs Zwift 2023

There’s no doubt that riders admire both Bkool and Zwift in indoor cycling. However, Zwift users have a different experience than Bkool users. Some essential features distinguish them as two distinct trainers. However, know what is unique about them from the points below.


  • Connectivity: ANT+, Bluetooth, or both (antenna connected to the PC’s USB port).
  • App modes: Spectator mode and ERG Mode.
  • Platform Availability: Android, Android TV, iOS, watchOS, and macOS.
  • Races: Paris Roubaix, Vuelta, Giro d’Italia, Velodromes, Tour of California, and UCI World.
  • Particularity: Various workouts, ride videos, custom route creation, and hundreds of different routes.
  • Suitable for: Who wants to cover simulated real-world routes, fitness workouts, hill climbs, and more. 
  • TL;DR: Real-world rides are transformed into virtual 3D simulations to experience real riding indoors.
  • Price: 9.99 USD/month
  • Trustpilot review: 152 reviews (Most users expressed satisfaction with Bkool on Trustpilot but had some complaints about instant response).
Bkool Virtual Road


  • Connectivity: ANT+ or Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor.
  • App modes: Multiplayer mode and ERG Mode.
  • Platform Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Apple TV
  • Races: Makuri Islands, France, Paris, Watopia, Richmond, London, Innsbruck, New York, Yorkshire
  • Events: Bologna and Crit City
  • Particularity: Daily race, training plans, structured workouts, animated avatars, variety of courses
  • Suitable for: Huge number of users and community
  • TL;DR: Zwift allows a real-time race with others in a virtual world in a video game environment.
  • Price: 14.99 USD / month
  • Trustpilot review: 45 reviews (Users are satisfied with the app, but Zwift,s customer support needs improvement as many customers complained about that)

Bkool vs Zwift at A Glance

It is necessary to compare the main factors between them to clearly understand the difference between Zwift and Bkool. Below I will present two tables to help the user clearly understand the difference between the two apps.

FactorsBkool Zwift
PricingBkool offers a free trial for 30 days. But to become a premium subscriber, you must spend $9.99 monthly. Bkool price is lower than Zwift’s.Users can access Zwift through a 7-day free trial. However, to become a paid subscriber, you must spend $14.99 monthly.
PurposeBkool is best for realistic and dynamic indoor cycling. It allows you to compete and interact with like-minded riders. There are also some smooth training sessions.Choose Zwift to get an efficient cycling experience through virtual gamification. It focuses more on multi-player play and social relationships.
Choice of RoutesBkool offers more than 500,000 routes for users. Besides, riders can create customized courses according to their needs and ride on that route.Compared to Bkool, Zwift has a limited number of routes. But the number of courses is limited, but they are pretty interesting.
Best FeaturesIt provides the best virtual riding experience with infinite 3D routes.A highly social app that comes with superior graphical elements and is entirely interactive.
Races & EventsUnlike Zwift, Bkool does not offer any racing. Besides, the number of events in it is also significantly less.Zwift is quite a racing-friendly cycling app. Choose yours from numerous races and events.
GamificationBkool is entirely free of gamification elements. Gives the user an enhanced experience with the most genuine ingredients.Zwift uses a lot of gamification elements, even if it feels like a game.
User-friendlinessBkool is not that user-friendly. Its screen is quite backdated and feels a bit clunky.Zwift provides an updated and simple user interface and has improved over time.
Bkool vs Zwift

Zwift vs Bkool Similarities

This table highlights the primary similarities between both applications, which can help you determine which one would be a better fit for your needs.

PlatformAvailable on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devicesAvailable on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices
Cycling simulationProvides a virtual cycling experience with 3D simulationsProvides a virtual cycling experience with 3D simulations
Training plansOffers a variety of structured training plans and workoutsOffers a variety of structured training plans and workouts
Multiplayer supportAllows for online multiplayer races and group ridesAllows for online multiplayer races and group rides
Social featuresIncludes social features for sharing rides and connecting with other usersIncludes social features for sharing rides and connecting with other users
Compatibility with sensorsSupports connection with various cycling sensors such as heart rate monitors and power metersSupports connection with various cycling sensors such as heart rate monitors and power meters
User-generated contentAllows users to create and share their own routesAllows users to create and share their own routes
CostOffers monthly and annual subscription optionsOffers monthly and annual subscription options
Bkool Vs Zwift Similarities
Bkool Cycling Simulator Full Review – Virtual Indoor Cycling!

Bkool and Zwift Alternatives

It may be that you are looking for another cycling app as opposed to Bkool and Zwift. They have some excellent alternatives that provide users with convenient and necessary features. However, now you know about some of the best Bkool and Zwift alternatives.

1. Kinomap

Compared to Zwift, Kinomap is an excellent app with more routes than Zwift. You can get a great riding experience by using thousands of routes worldwide. The app syncs with your speed. Besides, it is one of the world’s largest geolocated HD, stabilized video-sharing platforms that will provide new scenes and a complete real riding experience. So if you are looking for a bkool and zwift Alternatives Kinomap could be the best choice.

You can also upload some of your own footage. In the app, users can enjoy unlimited free trials for some routes. But one has to spend $10 monthly to get full access.

2. FulGaz

It is one of the top indoor cycling training apps. In Zwift vs Rouvy vs Fulgaz, FulGaz gives riders a real cycling training experience, whereas other apps rely on gamification. Hundreds of real roads from different countries, including 596 routes. 

Even if one rides virtually, it will feel natural to him. It initially offers a 14-day free trial to users. Get full access to the app by spending just $13 monthly. Besides, one can also add a family member for free in this same subscription.

3. TrainerRoad

TrainerRoad is viable when you want to experience real riding at home and expect the best trainer. You can choose the workout of your choice to move towards your personal running goals. The app offers thousands of structured training activities so a user can achieve full fitness at home. 

It also includes riding analysis tools that track rider progress. TrainerRoad is slightly more expensive than Zwift, though. Users have to pay $19.99 monthly to access premium features.

4. Rouvy

In the context of Bkool vs Zwift vs Rouvy, Rouvy is undoubtedly a great app offering real-world routes. The app has more than 300 AR routes from around 32 countries worldwide. Also, you can learn to ride with different groups with lots of training structures. It is also quite convenient in the context of Bkool vs Rouvy. 

You can also participate in the race with your friends if you want. The app offers a 14-day free trial for new users. But a paid subscription is also quite affordable. For $10/month, you get all the great features.

Which Do You Choose?

There is a long discussion on Bkool and Zwift above, which is almost the last part of the discussion. Neither Bkool nor Zwift can be considered seriously because both apps are equally popular with indoor cyclists, but not because of the same benefits.

If you want a quality, affordable option, then choose Bkool. Here is an opportunity to enjoy hundreds of routes for a small subscription fee. Apart from indoor cycling, you can also participate in different gyms. Basically, Bkool is more than I expected. If cyclists want to depend on an indoor training app for a long time, then Bkool can be your place to trust.

Zwift can be an ideal trainer and riding aid for those new to indoor cycling. Here you will get a lot of support from the community of riders, allowing you to acquire skills similar to outdoor riding. Besides, the rider can communicate instantly with any other rider or riding group. Its gamification feature gives users the pleasure of cycling and gaming simultaneously.

If you like real riding, choose Bkool and Zwift is the top option to get a game environment. No matter what, you can select any option to fulfill your goal. Even apart from these two, I have mentioned here about 4 more options that also meet the users’ needs.

Bottom line

Since Bkool and Zwift are both good cycling apps, it’s hard to decide between them. But perhaps the above long discussion of Bkool vs zwift will be helpful enough for you and give you a good idea about which one you should choose. 

Zwift may be more accessible to users if they support Bkool trainer difficulty. However, an indoor training app involves an investment, so one must carefully consider which one you are willing to invest in.

I hope this article has provided you with a clear understanding of the differences between Bkool and Zwift, so that you can choose the best indoor cycling app for your needs. If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment to let me know. And if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

FAQ On Zwift vs Bkool

Which indoor cycling app is more expensive, Bkool or Zwift?

Between Bkool and Zwift, Zwift is comparatively more expensive. However, both apps offer a free trial that you can try first.

Which offers races and events: Bkool or Zwift?

Zwift offers several races and events for users. Bkool, on the other hand, provides few races but no events. So Zwift is suitable for event seekers.

Does Bkool offer more gamification elements?

Bkool is gamification free. It allows for completely realistic cycling. Zwift, on the other hand, is full of gamification elements.

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