Top 10 Best BMX Brands for Freestyle and Racing | 2024

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Are you a BMX lover? Looking for the best BMX brands of this generation? Then you are at the right place! BMX is more advanced and authentic than regular bikes. Their unique features and specific models make them a rider’s choice. Also trying to make affordable models for all. 

Let’s check out the best BMX brands list. I researched and shortlisted all the top-notch brands that you must know before purchasing a BMX bike. So, Let’s dig in.

What are BMX bikes? 

Before you pick a BMX bike, let me explain to you what a BMX bike is, so that you can be sure where your money is invested. BMX bikes are off-road bikes. Primarily used for racing or practicing stunts on different uneven roads. These sports bikes are now ruling the bikes industry as they have a lot of specs than normal bikes don’t. 

Bmx bikes are now available in models like – Dirt,  Flatland, Race, Park, street, etc. These advanced technology bikes are now a sensation for sports riders and racers. If you plan to get one then know more about BMX bikes with us.  


There are a lot of brands making BMX bikes right now. But which one to trust? And which one to pick? Get all your answer within our best BMX brands shortlist –

1. WeThePeople

You will find tons of fancy BMX bikes around you, The million-dollar question is, are all of them safe for you? So before purchasing a BMX bike you should think about safety first. WeThePeople is one of the best BMX bikes brands out there for safe riding.

WeThePeople german based BMX bike brand, that comes with some extraordinary safety features that will keep you safe while riding.

Wethepeople has been around for a while and they acquired rider trust for their unique features.


  • Pro-level parts
  • Included pegs and hub guards
  • Lightweight bikes
  • Suitable models for all types of BMX riders
  • High durability 

2. Mongoose

Mongoose is the most renowned BMX bike brand of all time. The brand produces top-class BMXs and outstanding MTBs. Their bikes are popular worldwide. 

In 1974, Skip Hikes started manufacturing Mongoose bikes in his small home garage. And now it has become one of the most preferred bike brands. Their 46 years of experience and bike knowledge make them unique. 

Now their very own factory is in Simi Valley in California.  


  • Lightweight bikes
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Advanced-oriented technology 
  • Provides all types of mountain bikes
  • The starting price is only $200 and ranges up to $1000. 
  • Suitable models for all types of BMX riders. 

3. Diamondback 

The most affordable bike in the town is Diamondback. They are comfortable, flexible, and easy to ride. People prefer these brands for the advanced modifications of their bikes in each model. 

In 1977,  Raleigh started to make these all-in-one bicycles. Why are they all in one? Because they have all the required quality as well as are budget friendly for every level of rider.

Their establishment of such a brand, thinking about all riders is such a blessing in the BMX bikes world. 


  • Extraordinary strength 
  • High durability 
  • Low at cost
  • Quality equipment 
  • Flexibility and compatibility at an Elite
Diamondback Viper BMX
Diamondback Viper BMX

4. Elite

Elite is the first choice of professional and experienced riders. They prefer this one as it has the best manufacturer and the technology is trustworthy. Also, it’s comparatively easy to ride and control. 

They were founded in 1933 by David Greenfield and Richie Cortez. Their goal was to find such a bike brand that will be top for quality and rule the bike market. And they did it successfully. 

Now they are running their factory in Philadelphia. All of their manufacturing and deals are done there. 


  • More than 8 color options 
  • Uncompromising quality 
  • Supreme finishing 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable to ride 
best Elite Stealth Black Gum BMX
Elite Stealth Black Gum BMX

5. Redline BMX

In the world of Bmx, redline BMX had kept its position higher as always. Their bikes are amateur and professionally operated. These are trustworthy brands that ensure quality and performance at the same time. 

Redline BMX bike brand was founded in 1970 by Linn Kastan and Mike Kyle. Their factory is in Chatsworth, California. They have been making strong-based and highly durable bikes since their beginning. 

Their bikes are incredible in every purpose and consist of a lot of specifications that you must know. 


  • Best for races and competitions
  • Durable 
  • Authentic design 
  • Top-notch performance 
  • Amazing addition 
  • The budget is reasonable for all

6. Mafia 

The most popular BMX right now is Mafia. These stylish and iconic bikes are stealing our hearts. This new entrant comes with a lot of varieties and specifications. The reason behind their immense popularity is their advanced new technology. 

This UK-based brand runs its sales under Stomp Racing ltd. They have already completed their 12 years in the industry and successfully maintained their quality and popularity. 

Now they are trading their bikes worldwide and also riders all over the world love their bikes.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Customizable 
  • Excellent performance
  • Professional manufacturing 
  • High tech bikes 
  • Several types of models are available 

7. Eastern 

Here comes the authentic brand of BMX bikes on our recommendation list. They are long-lasting,  durable, easily torrid, and have Very High-quality finishing. Their bikes are always top-class.

This brand was established in 1996 by founders Jon Bayers and Mike Corley.

They are running their business successfully in North Carolina. They have been running their business for more than 2 decades and maintain their quality. 

They have many options for all kinds of rides. Doesn’t matter which type you want. So don’t need to doubt at all.


  • Excellent models
  • Varieties for each rider.
  • Bikes for beginners and professionals 
  • High tech endings
  • Quality is worthy 
  • The budget is affordable for everyone. 
Eastern javelin BMX
Eastern javelin BMX

8. Kent

Kent is such a sensation in bike brands. It has got an astonishing history. The founder Abraham Kamler was an immigrant to the USA in the early 90s. 

He started to fix bikes as a profession in New York City. But later in 1909, he began to make his models. And gradually his business started to expand.  

Now, this is one of the most sold brands in history and they are ruling the market as well. The first name of the company was Philkam Cycles and later it was changed to Kent. Their factory is in Parsippany,  New Jersey 


  • Styling design 
  • Attractive outlooks
  • Affordable to all
  • Comfortable for every rider
  • Easy to operate. 

9. Razor

This brand became extremely famous right after its launch in 2000. It has a unique Razor scooter that makes it exceptional and more interesting. They became a sensation worldwide that no one thought about this kind of bike before and the way they built up the brand is praiseworthy.

This brand was established in 2000 by Carlton Calvin. Now he is running his trade in Cerritos California. Making amazing features of bikes in his factory and people all over the world love them for their quality and services. 


  • Robust bikes
  • Cost-effective 
  • Easy to ride 
  • Comfortable seats
  • Long-lasting
  • Advanced mechanism 
  • Razor scooters 
  • Compact and flexible 

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10. Revere Bicycles 

If you want your kid to start cycling in his childhood, don’t wait and go for this brand. Because Revere Bicycles or Brave bicycles are built exceptionally for kids. They are very comfortable in size and easy to ride for all. 

This brand is a duo of a father and son named Jake and Mike. They started to sell bikes to youths and the enthusiastic kinds out there. Though it is made for young people, the quality is not compromised. This has one of the best manufacturers. 

Even its features, additions, and specifications are specially customized for kids. 


  • Cool features 
  • Amazing adjustments 
  • Easy to ride
  • Comfortable seats
  • Kids friendly 
  • Budget is reasonable 
  • Technology is first class

11. Haro BMX

Looking for a brand with a lot of specifications? Then Haro is here for you. They have a lot of varieties of models with extraordinary features.  Bmx is deeply rooted in the DNA of their brand 

This brand was established in 1978 by Bob Haro. Now they have been running their business for about 44 years. The company was first named Haro designs, now formally known as Haro. 


  • Iconic and accomplished bikes
  • Pro Build   
  • More Affordable 
  • Adjustable paddles

The best BMX brands I’ve already mentioned are enough to cover your expectations. All the brands are unique which made them at the top of our prior list. I’ve discussed their features, quality, and specs. Now it’s your turn to choose the best one for you. And share with us which one you picked finally! 

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