7 Best Bike Speedometers Device For Any Budget | 2024

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Biking is undoubtedly a lovable ride that has grown in popularity over the decades. Even new technology has improved biking and the speedometer, which keeps all the relevant information about the bike. But choosing the suitable device is essential, and you must know about the best bike speedometers in 2023.

In this article, I will talk about some of the top current speedometers I have researched. This will keep you from getting confused by the many speedometers on the market. I will cover everything relevant in this article.

What are Bike Speedometers? 

When riding a bike, it needs to know its current speed, right? A speedometer is a device that measures your bike’s speed and displays it on a screen simultaneously. This will help you slow down or speed up if necessary. It is beneficial for those practicing outdoor cycling, as a speedometer will give you an idea of your pedaling speed. 

So you can easily get an instant estimate of how much mileage you cover per hour. So the speedometer only tells about the speed? No, it has more roles that are useful for a casual cyclist. 

It also provides complete information about travel duration, distance, real-time location, and burned calories. Then you know how vital a speedometer is for a bike. Don’t forget to attach this little speedometer to the handlebars.

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How Does It Help?

Undoubtedly, a speedometer provides valuable insight into the bike ride. But many may have questions about what exactly its benefits are. You can know its benefits which are still unknown to you, from the section below.

  • It measures all the statistics of the cycle and displays it in front of you through a digital screen.
  • It also measures your current trip distance, speed, heart rate, and other parameters and gives data.
  • some models let you share your data with your friends.
  • It is light enough that it is simple to place on the bike, and you may not feel disturbed by it while cycling.
  • Modern machines will work in any weather, so there is no hindrance to riding the bike even in bad weather.

Best Bike Speedometers: Head-To-Head Comparison

Since I’ve rounded up the top bike speedometers, you don’t have to research too many before making a purchase. I have studied for a long time, so you can expect to find a suitable device from here. First, look at the table below to get an instant idea.

Bike SpeedometersMaterialScreen SizeItem Package DimensionsItem WeightIncluded components
CATEYE-Velo 7‎Plastic & glass2.17 Inches‎4.33 x 3.11 x 1.81 inches‎0.2 Pounds‎Analog Sensor, FlexTight Mount, Wheel Magnet, 
CATEYE-Velo WirelessPlasticN/A4.33 x 3.15 x 1.46 inches0.2 Pounds‎Magnet, Mount, Speed sensor
Sigma Originals BC 10.0 Wired‎Plastic‎1.9 Inches‎6.1 x 2.68 x 1.42 inches‎27 GramsN/A
iGPSPORT BSC100S ‎Plastic2.6 Inches‎5.67 x 3.58 x 1.02 inches‎0.13 KilogramsUser Manual, Bike Computer, Standard Bike Mount
Cateye Enduro CC-ED400PlasticN/A‎4.4 x 3.5 x 2.1 inches‎0.03 KilogramsN/A
DREAM SPORT Speedometer and OdometerPlasticN/A‎2.16 x 1.77 x 0.59 inches0.22 PoundsN/A
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt V2 GPS CyclingGlass2.2 InchesN/A68.38 gramsELEMNT BOLT, Stem Mount, Integrated Front, Zip Ties, USB Cable, Guide
Best Bike Speedometers: Head-To-Head Comparison

6 Best Bike Speedometers: Top Pics 2024

Now it’s time to know the details about the devices mentioned above. I won’t force you to read about all of them in particular. Still, it is essential to have a clear idea of the features and pros and cons of some to make an informed decision.

1. CATEYE Velo – 7: Best for beginners

Are you a beginner who will use a speedometer for the first time? Then this option may be suitable for you as this is one of the top options available today. It comes at quite an affordable price but offers all the features the user needs. It is easy to use, and bikers enjoy cycling with it. 

Although it’s designed with a simple interface for beginners, it’s incredibly feature-rich, so even if you’re an experienced rider, it’ll meet your needs. Besides, the device has a high battery life to enjoy your ride. Its large screen displays data very clearly in front of you. 


  • Human interface-input: ‎Buttons
  • Battery life: ‎26280 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years.


  • Best for on-road riding.
  • You can get all riding metrics.
  • It can automatically stop tracking the scheduled time.
  • High battery life.
  • Effortless design and lightweight.


  • Does not work well for mountain bikes.
  • According to some users, the button doesn’t always work.

2. CATEYE – Velo Wireless: Best CatEye speedometer

If you prefer a wireless bike speedometer or speedometer, you might want to consider this odometer from CATEYE. This is a perfect tool for beginners. It is an analog wireless device but performs well enough for riding. Apart from measuring speed, it will also provide other essential information, including distance traveled, the time elapsed, and calorie consumption. 

It has a zip-tie bracket that is always secured to the handlebars and stays firmly in place. When the rider stops between stops, the device makes it easy to track and automatically stop the timer. Moreover, the device keeps track of all the calories you burn while cycling.


  • Human interface input: Button
  • Battery life: approx 1 year
  • Warranty: 2 years.


  • Easy to use and install;
  • Includes everything you need;
  • Highly secure and efficient;
  • The device is lightweight.


  • Some complained that it did not provide good mileage.

3. Sigma Originals BC 10.0 Wired: Best for maximum speed riding

How fast do you want to ride? If it is too high, I recommend this device as it is best for cyclists riding at maximum speed. Besides, it will display data about the current temperature on the screen and provide all the information related to riding. Its most exciting feature is that it is suitable for users of different languages. So the text can be changed to your language. 

People who usually want to break their riding record by riding long and fast feel comfortable with this device as it encourages people to pedal faster. It even lets you know how much distance you’ve covered over days. The device is easy to install, and users can easily read its display. You can go with the device even as a beginner, as its functions are displayed on the big screen.


  • Human interface input: Button
  • Battery life: More than 2 years.
  • Warranty: Not specified.


  • Offers more functions;
  • Multi-day trip tracking;
  • Easy to install and use;
  • One button controls everything.
  • Longer battery life and waterproof.


  • Night viewing can be a bit inconvenient.

4. iGPSPORT BSC100S: Best for big screens

This device is good enough to view data on a large screen easily. This gives the user higher accuracy in viewing the riding data. An excellent feature of the device is that it provides the user with data of more than 40 cycles. Besides, it has an automatic backlight that makes the screen easier to see in sunlight. 

At the same time, it is quite lightweight, so it puts a very minimum weight on the bicycle’s handlebar. The iGPSPORT APP can provide more convenience to the rider as you can also share your data on social media if you wish. It even notifies you of notification when a call comes in. The device will remain intact even when you are riding in bad weather.


  • Human interface input: Button
  • Battery life: 40 hours.
  • Warranty: 1 year.


  • Large screens are available for viewing convenience;
  • Data sharing capability;
  • Multiple data displays;
  • Automatic control;
  • Ultra-thin design.


  • Low battery life.

5. Cateye Enduro CC-ED400: Best Budget Bike Speedometer

Are you expecting something durable at an affordable price? There is an option on my list that might meet your expectations. This device will deliver all your favorite stats, even more than other devices. The ride will never get in the way of user operating buttons. Moreover, it automatically turns off when you have to stop at a red light or for a coffee while on the road. 

But there is no need to turn it on for re-riding as it will turn itself on. This product from Cateye has a long battery life, so you don’t need to worry about the battery in the long run. Besides, the battery life will depend on how many hours you ride each day. It is easy to carry.


  • Human interface input: Button
  • Battery life: Approx 3 years.
  • Warranty: 2 years.


  • Affordable cost;
  • Provides all necessary stats;
  • It can face everyday wear and tear;
  • Easy and simple functions;
  • No worry about a small stopping and starting.


  • Some users have complained that the device stopped working shortly after riding.

6. DREAM SPORT Bike Speedometer: Easy to install and use

If you are looking for a speedometer that is easy to install and use and is within your budget, then you may want to check out this last product on my list. This bike computer from Dream Sport with 16 ti multi-functions has become a favorite of many. It is very lightweight and easy to install. 

Moreover, the speedometer will work equally well in wet weather as it is waterproof. Since it has 16 functions, apart from speed and distance, you can control some other necessary activities with its help. It will continue counting as long as you are riding and will automatically stop counting at stops along the way.


  • Human interface input: Button
  • Battery life: Not specified.
  • Warranty: 1.5 years.


  • Special auto interaction;
  • Suits multiple bikes;
  • Very simple to install;
  • Clearly digital display;
  • Affordable price.


  • The quality of this computer should be improved than before.

7. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt V2 GPS Cycling: Honorable Mention

For those looking to buy a fully wireless bike speedometer, here’s the latest product on my list. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt speedometer requires no wire connection. But only those on a tight budget can opt for this device as it is the most expensive among the other devices I have mentioned. 

Also, some audible signals inform you about different conditions. This device performs well for indoor and outdoor cycling. This is an excellent value for those who feel uncomfortable with the touchscreen. Even on days of rough weather, no problem, go ahead with your bike. That is why people prefer it despite its high price.


  • Human interface input: Button
  • Battery life: 15 hours.
  • Warranty: Limited but not specified.


  • Allows call, text, and e-mail;
  • 100% wireless;
  • Simple sense buttons;
  • Quicklook LED indicators;
  • Alloys in use charging.


  • Short battery life;
  • High price.

Buyer Guide On Best Bike Speedometers

There are lots of bike speedometers in the market, as they come from several brands. Today they differ from each other in some features. Finalizing an ideal device can be difficult if you don’t know what to consider. Perhaps now you are about to get a practical buying guide.

Speedometer type

First, decide what type of odometer you want, as button and touchscreen instruments are available. Touchscreen devices usually have big screens and are relatively simple to access. Besides, you can easily type here. But it cannot cope with bad Weather. On the other hand, devices with buttons are consistent with any weather conditions.


This is one of the most significant considerations. Most traditional devices are wired, which can make your bike look untidy. A cordless device can be most effective in this case. Moreover, consider whether your device can connect via Bluetooth, WiFi, or other third-party apps.


Another crucial factor to consider is the display, as it will show the data to you. Therefore you have to choose an odometer with a display that will show the data and make the statistics effortless to read. Precise data will undoubtedly improve your biking performance. Some devices have complicated screens; you can skip them.

Battery life

You will probably want to enjoy a long ride with your speedometer. Therefore you need to choose an odometer with a long battery life that will last throughout the journey. The ideal battery life should be up to twenty-five months. However, when the battery charge is over, users have the option to charge via USB cable or solar power.

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Data settings

Any good speedometer has some additional and useful features in addition to the basic features. Riders are not only satisfied with speed data, but fitness-conscious people expect more information. Consider data storage that can hold data for more extended periods. It should not be 1 or 2 hours as several models are able to hold up to 800 or more data.


You should consider the durability of the device you invest in. Those who cycle usually ride both on road and off road. So sometimes the speedometer can be damaged, even exposed to bad weather. A rider must purchase a device that will deal flawlessly with any situation. In this case, check the device before purchase.


The exactness of a speedometer is essential because, without accurate data, the rider cannot continue his cycling correctly. Check at the time of purchase that your device is giving the correct information. It may also happen that an intact product is defective. So if you buy it without checking, it is enough to worry.


Make sure to consider the warranty period of the device you decide to buy. Even after checking, you may notice any mechanical faults while using it. If the device comes with a more extended warranty, you will feel safe as the seller will fix the problems without paying or replacing them. Some computers have a 2 or 3 years warranty, which is appreciated.

User reviews

Before buying any product, one must read user reviews on top marketplaces. Same in the field of speedometers. Think of people who have already used a device and have positive comments about it. Any device with a positive rating and primarily positive comments should be considered. Consider platforms like Amazon and Walmart that regularly publish genuine customer reviews.


Do you always have to pay more to get a better-quality device? No, you can stay within your budget. Some options in the market are pretty expensive. But you need to consider what kind of features you expect. If you have more budget, then you can choose the expensive device. However, it is possible to find a suitable device even on a tight budget.


Then you’ve reached the end of a long discussion. You probably know which is right if you’ve read my reviews of the best bike speedometers. People must spend some time selecting a speedometer as so many options are available in the market.

Selecting the proper speedometer is a strategic task. A device is reviewed from various aspects mentioned in the above discussions. So apart from knowing about the speedometers, you must follow a practical buying guide to make the right decision.

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